Colour-nourishing and enhancing conditioner for all hair types. Refreshes colour between treatments by your colourist. Kemon Yo Cond System Toning products are available in various shades to suit any hair colour.


  •          Gently colours hair
  •          Underlines their shade
  •          Provides uniformity and gloss
  •          Intensely nourishes hair
  •          Smooths hair cuticles
  •          Very easy to use
  •          Works in only 3 minutes
  •          Low pH


Based on yoghurt to create a very delicate and light formula. Contains Yo Cond Complex rich in yoghurt extract which protects the hair fibres, bamboo extract, which moisturises and tones them, and wheat protein with nourishing and regenerating properties. In addition, the conditioners are enriched with colour pigments that refresh hue.


How to use: 

Apply the conditioner evenly to washed and towel-dried hair. Leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Recommended to use once every 3-5 washings. Can also be used on natural hair: keep it on up to 10 minutes, depending on the porosity of the hair.



Nourished, smoothed her hair and durable, shiny, distinctive shade.

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The Italian Kemon company is one of the most popular brands offering professional hair cosmetics. It combines natural herbal and plant ingredients with modern production technologies. The Yo Color System is a comprehensive range of products for hair colouring that do not contain ammonia or PPD, making it possible to colour hair without disturbing its natural structure.

Kemon Yo Conditioner Beige 150ml


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