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Our hair is always dealing with something, whether it’s being thrown into a messy bun and jammed with a million bobby pins to ensure it stays in place (and never does), or being straightened to the nines and lashed on as soon as we step outside, hair can take quite a beating on the daily. The Alfaparf Style Stories Sculpting hairspray is here to give us an easy way to keep our hair as it should be. In place and styled, whatever the weather. It is gas-free and will sculpt and shape any look and keep it there.


  • A special ingredient known in the hair and skin industry as the “Miracle Tree”, works to neutralise unpleasant odours and leaves your hair feeling cleaner for longer.


  • Leaves hair with a radiant shine.


  • Photo-protective properties to counteract damage by free radicals. 


How to use:

  • Apply the hairspray onto the finished dry hairstyle from approx. 25-30cm.
  • Or spray on to damp hair one strand at a time to add texture.



  • For curly hair use Alfaparf Style Stories Twisted Curls on damp hair to bring body and definition to curls before styling.


  • If you want to create a more beachy look use the Alfaparf Style Stories Sea Spray on damp or dry hair and style as desired, lock in place with the Sculpting Gas-Free Hairspray.

Alfaparf Style Stories Sculpting Hairspray 250ml


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